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Your adventurous heart has been yearning for years to explore all those areas around the globe that have been calling for so long.  All this time you either have had no one to do it with or thought it could not be possible - now your Private Travel Companion is here to tell you it is! 

If you are feeling stagnant perhaps even a little bored, with that 'been there done that' feeling, and you are longing for something fresh and new - a complete change from what you have already seen and done - allow your Private Travel Companion to take you back to where it all began, to Mother Nature, in all its natural and magnificent beauty - where people have simpler values and time is of no consequence.

Winter forest

Now you are able to travel routes most tourists never do or know very little about. Nothing beats meeting the locals in small off the beaten track villages where you are able to experience authentic cultures and traditions of local communities.  

Seaside in winter

Have you been fantasizing about a motorcycle trip around your dream destination but cannot ride a motorcycle…we can.  Are you dreaming of photographing places far from the maddening crowd or riding horses on untamed beaches?  All this and much more is now possible with Wonder Journeys.

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