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  • Amir Gadnaor

Who is a Private Travel Companion?

My name is Amir, and I`m your #privatetravelcompanion. "What is it", you ask? Well, it's all about you, actually. It's about your travel dreams, your desires, passion. You've traveled everywhere and you've been to the best hotels, most exclusive resorts. Your passion is for discovery and adventure travel. Your dreams are about beautiful and special places untouched or unspoiled by tourism. But you can't reach them, because they're out of the brochures or the travel agent's knowledge.

So here's where I come - to help you reach those places that you are craving for.

It is very easy, all what you have to do is to choose a place. I can turn on the globe and you just point a finger or you can make a wish list and you can check it one by one as you visit those places in the most appropriate times to see them.

What I need from you is just to let me know basics - things you want to do, places you want to go and I do all the planning and while one tour - I help you to facilitate all arangements.

What you need to do is just to sit back and relax. You can come by yourself to make it #solotravel or you can bring some friends, but please keep it small and simple. Watch the video to learn more about #privatetravelcompanion

#adventuretravel #concept

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