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  • Amir Gadnaor

Solo travels for businessmen - how nature travel changes life

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

"You remember that beach in Portugal?", he started in a very low voice.

I say "Yes, I remember it, it was very nice rocky beach and you were in big trouble then".

He answers: "Well I've never told you about this, Amir, but I was in a realy really low place in my life at that time. It was a year after Ruth, my beloved wife, #divorced me and two years after I successfully sold my goods company and I was pretty well off. I was starting a new business and everything was going very good for me. I was in business, you know, when you run to the meetings all the time, flying across the world to meet the suppliers... And then one day I just got the blow from Ruth, who said - I`m sorry, that's it, I can't live it anymore, we have to separate.

But still I was thinking I could manage to hold it on - the family, the business and then you know when it hit me?" he says. "I was at home one day in my den and I got a text from my son and my son was in another room, in the living room! he was reaching out for me, because few minutes ago he was knocking at the door and I said - No, no, son, I'm sorry, I'm busy, don't bother me now.

Then I understood I need to make a change, to do something else it my life and luckily I stumbled across your clip and I signed in into your program and we went on a #privatetravelcompanion tour.

I don't know what happened on that tour, sitting on that rocky beach or the walks that we did in nature or maybe it was that the most places you took me there was no cell service so I couldnt' be busy with all these other things. Those families that we met in the villages, their seeing of life and witnessing of life they were living and something there touched me and changed the way I was seeing things.

Now you can't imaging - I do mostly thinking in my business and where I do the thinking is on the beaches like this. This is were I get my #inspiration from. And Ruth.. we have great relationship now, we hang out together, we go to places, we travel a little bit together, we're not all the way back together, but hopefully it will go..." his eyes are shining as he tells the story... "And my kids - we go out fishing and we walk on the beaches, we talk and sometimes we just quietly do things totgether and it's a great feeling"...


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