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  • Amir Gadnaor

Life in a small desert community and the concept of the private travel companion

Good morning, I have to show you something first - look at an amazing, amazing sunrise!

I grew up in a city, in a big city - I was living in a big apartment building and going down in an elevator was always a nightmare - who would I meet and lowering my eyes somehow to get over this intimate short period of driving in an elevator - you know, city problems.

It's only when I got here, to this beautiful village, a very small desert community - in the whole region we have only 2000 people and I know almost each and everyone of them - I've got an amazing feeling and the gift of being connected to people. That's the concept of the private travel companion.

The idea is that we go and travel in the rural places, we let the local people, simple people that live out of the earth share their life with us, share their wisdom and share their warmth. Then, when we come home there's so much richness in us.

#desertcommunity #privatetravelcompanion #concept

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