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  • Amir Gadnaor

From city life to life in nature - concept of a Private Travel Companion

I was living in a big city, living a very very hectic life, working as a paramedic. The work was fine, the payment was good but everything around me was very-very hectic...

It was only after I moved to the desert community that I found and discovered the power of nature.This is the essence of private travel companion - the idea is to allow you to go to the places you always dreamed to go and never managed to - family, obligations or it was impossible to find someone crazy enough to go there with you.

Here's how it goes, the concept of private travel - I go with you, I help you to plan the tour, I just facilitate it for you - I cover all worries and you just sit back a relax, let the nature touch you.

#desertcommunity #concept #privatetravel

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