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I value your privacy and confidentiality, although it's always a pleasure to receive some wonderful feedback from clients along the way...

From Blog: My Plate or Yours by Christine


Amir is in Morocco by now, starting another travel adventure with another client. Besides guiding, he is developing a business as an adventure concierge, an expert and natural travel companion who explores new places at your side while somehow making the connections and smoothing the pathways so that you don’t have to.


His natural talent for starting a conversation with a stranger whose language he doesn’t speak, and ending up with an invitation to dinner and a place to sleep is remarkable. His laidback good nature and his flexibility kind of seep into your bones and the nuisances of travel fade away while the experience becomes the thing.

I don’t know how the heck he does that but traveling with him is a joy and I have future trips already lining up in my mind. I hope he finds a way to market what is truly an unusual skill, beyond…

Christine - Blog: My Plate or yours

Isoroka, New York

AMIR GADNAOR is the best guide I've ever had!

Amir Gadnaor is an amazing guide - perhaps the best we've ever had. A few things made him exceptional.

(1) Bar Mitzvah Help
Amir was fantastic at helping me plan the bar mitzvah of my eldest son in Jerusalem. He helped me select the place, an awesome Moroccan restaurant to have a feast and celebration the night prior, and helped connect the entire trip back to the bar mitzvah experience. It was way more meaningful than anyone expected, and Amir was a big part of that. 

(2) Insight into Complex Issues
Israel is a very complicated place, especially politically. Our extended family (12) was very interested in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and that is a topic that is not always easy to navigate. Amir had very interesting historical and political insights, and he had colleagues/friends who were able to share theirs with us. Amir set up an excursion into the West Bank with a Jewish Settler (a rabbi) who was able to explain his view to us on the occupied territories. The next day, Amir set up a similar afternoon - this time with a Palestinian business man and his college age daughter. Fascinating insights and something most Israeli guides can't set up on a whim.

(3) Adventure Travel - Great w kids
Amir was awesome with our kids (ages 10-13). We traveled to Israel in August and it was HOT. Amir made sure we were on the water every day - hiking in rivers, to watering holes, snorkeling, cliff jumping, water tunnels, etc. Kids (and parents) had the time of their lives. He's especially knowledgable about the desert, and insisted that become part of our trip. He was right. The Negev and Jordanian desert were awesome.

(4) Off-beat Travel - Cultural Learning
Amir was also able to set up very authentic cultural exchanges for us. We stayed with a Druze family in the Golan Heights just steps from the Syrian border. We had perhaps the best meal of the trip there, and learned a ton about an ethnic group we knew very little about. We also stayed with a Bedouin family in the desert. This was not touristy - this was the real deal. The family cooked dinner for us and we slept outdoors, with them, under 10,000 stars. Amazing.

(5) Welcoming
Overall, Amir really tried to understand what we wanted to get out of the trip, and helped make sure each segment (kids, parents, grandparents) were able to get what they wanted from the trip. Our trip was fast paced. We woke up before the sun every other day. At the end of the 14 days, I think everyone felt it was among the most epic trips of their lives.

I recommend Amir fully and without hesitation.

Nic Joynson, Ringwood, UK

My wife and I have travelled extensively both for business and pleasure and have visited Africa on many occasions.   For the last four years Amir has found our holiday destinations in Southern Africa: Amir understood our requirements perfectly and each year has found exciting new destinations that exactly meet our needs.   Throughout the process Amir assisted with our booking, answered any questions and kept us very well informed.    We have not been disappointed with any of the places Amir has found and look forward to working with her again for our next dream destination.

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