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Hi, I`m Amir - your Private Travel Companion

global traveler and experienced tour guide for 35 years


I am a passionate and experienced traveler with a huge love of nature and mankind. I crave the simple things of life and desire to explore and witness all this amazing world of ours has to offer.

I am just as happy during a rural travel in an isolated yurt, sharing a simple meal with a nomad family as being on a luxury travel and enjoying a fabulous meal on a misty night in Paris overlooking the Eiffel Tower.

Being a Private Travel Companion I create for you bespoken journeys. You deserve vacations that you always dreamed of and I am ready to accompany you whenever your imagination calls you. 

What I do

experienced private guide

My approach to travelling is based on the idea that each journey should be specifically tailored by a professional private guide for the people with curiosity, sense of moderate adventure and a desire to do new things. Dream vacations start with a first step and a trustful companion. I offer private tours, serving as your devoted butler, private travel companion and personal guide. 

solo travel for introverts

If you prefer calm environment and regain energy by spending time alone your private travel companion will take care of all arrangements. I will handle all negotiations with local providers, navigating, talking and driving, finding the right places to eat, to walk, to stop, or to admire the nature while giving you possibility to enjoy the solo travel specially designed for your personality.

adventure tour guide

My tours are not an assortment of attractions, but a meaningful journey, which touches one’s soul -  something that we all crave for in the rush of modern life. Traveling with a Private Travel Companion, your personal travel butler, you experience a level of adventures and adrenaline , which would give you a feeling of new excitment while keeping you in your comfort zone. 

solo tours for singles and seniors

Travelling is beyond age and time. My tours for women and men over 50, tours for singles and vacations for seniors are always a thoroughly planned set of discoveries, very often off-the-beaten-path experiences, insightful journeys, which revive and give a boost to your soul and body. Let your Private Travel Companion be your devoted friend and take care of your every step. 

solo detox tours

This frustrating feeling of always missing out on things, being exhausted and drained can “drink” your energy. Give yourself the best cure you deserve – take off on a relaxing vacation to a place you’ve always dreamed of.  I have the gift of connecting to both nature and people, overcoming the obstacles of language and different cultures, while having my clients stay comfortable and secure.

disabled travel

Being a certified paramedic, I help and facilitate the healing power of nature and the impact of simple rural cultures for everyone, including the ones whose physical situation is imposing difficulties of maneuverability, but their spirit soar high up in inquisitive curiosity.

How to start?

Pick a destination


Remember that book you red when you were a child?

That tells about adventures, mysterious destinations, magical countries, far away cultures.  

How you dreamed you could be there, and actually feel, and experience these amazing places?

What was not possible then – is possible now, and I`m here to accompany you - in any destination around the globe,

Decide on the details


Beautiful places to stay, immersed in nature, light walks or hiking.  Traveling by car, horse, camel or boat? Go for a day or for a month? Experiencing local culture, or just observe from distance? Staying in a rural house, or in a luxury hotel? 
You decide. 
Everything will be organized seamlessly, with high level of confidence and security. 
Your dream vacation will become a reality, taking into account your personal comfort zone.


Let's go!

As soon as you’re ready, we can depart.

I will be your trusted companion during all your tour, to make sure you really get the best experience from your travel. Taking care of all arrangements, communications, navigation & driving. Helping you to get the experience you wish and dream for…

Very often the best experiences stay unnoticed by the road if you don’t know where to watch.


About me

My name is Amir Gadnaor,


I've been living for the past 30 years with my special family and 4 children in a small desert community on top of a mountain with views forever. This is the place and the people I drive my passion for traveling from and this is the place I'm so happy to return to after my travels.  


I have discovered that there is a unique need for a special kind of personal travel companion who caters to a unique kind of traveler.  I have gathered all my incredible experience and knowledge, accumulated during more than 35 years of travelling and created a dream company... making my client's travel fantasies come true.

For more information follow #travelwithamir

I look forward to sharing my next journey with you.




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